Clinical Neurophysiology

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Clinical Neurophysiology is concerned with the investigation, diagnosis and management of diseases affecting the nervous system. These include

various peripheral neuromuscular diseases and epilepsy. Clinical Neurophysiologists employ physiological techniques such as

Electromyography , Nerve conduction studies , Electroencephalography  and Evoked Potentials  to investigate and monitor the function of

the brain, nerves, neuromuscular junction, muscles and also the neural pathways such as optic, auditory and spinal somatosensory pathways.


If you have come looking for an experimental, interactive tool for carpal tunnel severity assessment based on nerve conduction findings click

CTS Severity Scale. It is not acceptable as yet to use this tool in clinical practice. The author accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any

damage as a result of using this programme either to you, your computer or a third party. You may enter real or imaginary data in it to see

how it works. By proceeding to use it you agree not to copy, alter, reverse engineer or corrupt the programme. If you publicize the results

obtained by you in any way, anywhere, you agree to acknowledge this source and the author.

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You may have to use scrolling to see the whole page. Do not export it to excel on your computer. It may not work properly and may harm your

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How to use the interactive tool :

Enter your own data in column B rows 2 to 5 ( B2 to B 5). Column C will show the points scored automatically as you move on to the next entry. In B8,B9 and B10 enter '1' if your chosen sensitive test is positive and '0' if negative or not done. B13 will display CT severity score (0-10), B14 CT modified score (0-6) and D14 a descriptive grade which is more similar to commonly used, conventional, Canterbury scale shown in the yellow grid. If you enter your own assessment of grade below where it says 'manual' in 16J you can compare it with the automatically generated grade. The purple grid shows how 0-10 score is converted to a 0-6 scale. Please contact the webmaster with any comments or queries you may have.